What in the world has this Artie character written?
Our friend Artie has tastes that run in the vein fantastical. Magic, myth, and extraordinary women run rampant in his stories. 
"Artie may be crazy.
Or a genius.
Or both.
But either way, he forgot to feed me."
- Franny (cat)

Young James Lamport dreams of going out to sea with his uncle Argo, who has just arrived back in London from one of his grand adventures. At a family dinner, James' father announces that James has been accepted into Oxford and has secured a position at the First National Bank of London upon his graduation. James seethes over the possibility of living the same boring life as his father, and he pleads with Argo to let him tag along the next time he goes out to sea. But Argo refuses to overstep his brother, instead handing James a mysterious substance called "pixie dust" and insisting that James stay safe in London. 

Refusing the comfort of safety, James sneaks out and stows away on his uncle's ship, hoping for adventure on the high seas, but instead finding the evil Captain Barker and his crew, who force him into being their cabin boy. When James discovers the mysterious island of Gjaebyth and the origin of the pixie dust his uncle gifted him, he sets out on a journey to rid "The Never Land" of evil. But evil has a way of seeping in...

This Gregory Maguire-esque young adult epic fantasy novel takes all the characters you know and love from the classic tale of Peter Pan and reinvents them through a newer, darker, grittier lens. Captain offers us a fresh view of one of the most feared characters in all of literature, the sinister Captain Hook, and asks us to decide for ourselves who the villain of this tale truly is.​