Artie Sievers, musical theatre composer
Set in post-depression era Texas, The Goree All-Girl String Band is inspired by a true story about a group of women at the Goree State Farm, an all-women’s penitentiary, who form a band and become an overnight sensation through a prison-based radio program. In their
newfound fame, they dream of being pardoned, set free, and disappear from that chapter
of their lives. A story of hope and redemption, The Girls in White is “Chicago” meets
“Orange is the New Black” with a country twang.
Artie has been writing musicals since he was eight, though most were
exclusively produced in his backyard.

His original musical, Mr. Jehosephat's House of Jumping Beans, was a smash hit at Waynesboro Area Senior High School in the spring of 2003.

His musicalized version of The Rake's Progress was performed at The University of the Arts, where he received his BFA. After working as an actor for several years in the Philadelphia theatre community, he made his way to ye olde New York City.

The Goree All-Girl String Band, written with Michael Bradley, marks his return to the world of composing.
A concert version of the show was presented at Feinstein's/54 Below on 22 April 2016 with the following company:

Music by Artie Sievers, Lyrics by Michael Bradley, Direction by Ashley Brooke Monroe, Music Direction by Ryan McCurdy.

Ephie Aardema (Bridges of Madison County)
Sydney Blaxill (The Nomad)
Michael Cerveris (Fun Home)
Josh Davis (Beautiful)
Ben Estus (The Book of Mormon)
Haley Jones (A Complex Evening)
Rebecca Knowles (PINWHEEL!)
Bonnie Milligan (Kinky Boots)
Lauren Patten (Fun Home)
Jacqueline Petroccia (Always….Patsy Cline)
Brittane Rowe (The Mysteries)

With musicians:
Ryan McCurdy (Verona Walls)
Erikka Walsh (Once)

Videos of the concert can be found below.

The Goree All-Girl String Band will be presented this summer as part of NYMF 2017!

It will play at the Acorn Theatre (in Theatre Row) on:
July 24 @ 8pm
July 26 @ 1pm
July 26 @ 5pm
July 28 @ 9pm
July 29 @ 9pm

In the meantime, check out the NYMF website HERE.